San Francisco Carpet Cleaning is the only service provider I'll call for carpet and upholstery cleaning. I recommend them to everyone because they are so consistent, and so professional. I've been using them for years and I have never had any problems with them - even when they send a new person to do my cleaning.
upholstery cleaning San FranciscoI always recommend them to my friends, and though most of them trust me and go with San Francisco Carpet Cleaning, a few - like Harriet - decide to use a company that gave them a lower estimate. But ask Harriet and she'll tell you - the estimate might have been lower, but the actual price that she paid was much higher, thanks to hidden fees and extra services. What's more, the carpets didn't even look, feel or smell that clean! Don't risk the aggravation of poor service; go with the best - San Francisco Carpet Cleaning. Tell them that Nellie sent you.

Kristin Mericle (Oct, 2011)


San Francisco Carpet Cleaning surprised me, in a good way. I'm kind of a clean freak, and when I heard about duct cleaning - the process of cleaning HVAC air flow passages for improved indoor air quality - I knew I wouldn't feel right until I had it done. HVAC system and air duct cleaningI've used San Francisco Carpet Cleaning for other cleaning services (did I say that I was a clean freak?), and I thought I'd call and have them give me an estimate over the phone. But no, they insisted on sending out an inspector to check whether or not I really needed to have the ducts cleaned. I was sure that once he got in the door, he'd try to hard sell me on duct cleaning, and maybe some other services too. But what actually happened was this: he took a look at the HVAC system, outside and in, and told me that I just needed some superficial cleaning, that I didn't need duct cleaning. Can you imagine? San Francisco Carpet Cleaning is a service provider you can trust. I know that I do.

Linda Davis (Aug, 2011)


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