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The carpeting in your home is an investment. Not only financially, but also in the way you want your home to look and feel. You spent a great deal time weighing your choices so that you could find just the right carpet for each room of your home and the atmosphere you want it to have. Even though you vacuum it often, having it professionally cleaned at regular intervals can help your carpet remain fresh and look new longer.

Professional Equipment Deep Cleans

While vacuuming removes the dirt and debris on the carpet surface, it cannot reach the deeper fibers. Professional carpet cleaners use a powerful method that extracts dirt from deep in the carpet with hot water. This method, also known as steam cleaning, loosens and removes the allergens and debris that reside at the bottom level of your carpet, leaving the carpet sanitized, fresh, and clean.

Keeps High Traffic Areas Bright

You know where the high traffic areas of your home are. Typically, the hallways and entry ways of your home are the most common areas to receive nonstop foot traffic. The dirt and debris that settle down in the lower level of these carpets can break down the fibers of carpet down overtime. Having your carpets professionally cleaned a few times a year can ensure that even those high traffic areas continue to look great and stand up to their continued use.

Interested In Just A Carpet Maintenance?

For our current customers or new customers who regularly clean their carpets, we offer a dry cleaning service that is designed to quickly remove light particles and refresh color. This service is perfect for carpets that receive regular deep cleaning because it does not require entry into carpet fibers, bur rather cleaning maintenance on the topmost layers.

Scheduling a carpet cleaning is easy when you call our customer service representatives at 415-234-0888. We are open Mon-Sun and even offer useful price estimates!


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