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Carpet cleaning is but one of the many services offered by Carpet Cleaning Menlo Park. We also excel in:

Professional Cleaning Service

With a team of trained professionals and modern equipment, our services are truly the solution to all of your cleaning needs. Prior to moving in to your new home, our experts will clean the entire premises, ensuring that ceramic tiles gleam and shine, carpets glow with clean freshness, clean drapes enhance the beauty of each room and your kitchen cabinets sparkle. Moving out cleaning services are also available, to ease the burden of cleaning up after leaving your former residence.

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Our technicians are also trained in the complex procedures of water and fire damage restoration. With special equipment for the extraction of excess water, many household furnishings and personal belongings are fortunately salvaged.

For an estimate, call Carpet Cleaning Menlo Park at 650-264-9876 or (866) 615-8185 our expert staff is always on call, to lend a hand and to get the job done, professionally and reliably.

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