Carpet Cleaning Pacifica

Carpet Cleaning Pacifica is the professional solution to all of your cleaning needs.

  • clean carpets
  • shining ceramic tiles
  • refreshed draperies
  • spotless windows
  • dust-free air ducts
  • upholstery restored to its original loveliness

Those are among the variety of services supplied by our staff of cleaning expert.

Next time you're out on the town, be it at Park Pacifica Shopping Center or enjoying an afternoon read at Pacifica Branch San Mateo County Library, remember, you could be returning to a cleaner more inviting house by day's end.

Steam Cleaning

House Cleaning

The grandeur of your Pacifica home includes both the interior and exterior of the premises. We offer complete moving in and moving out cleaning services, yard cleaning, water damage restoration and wooden floors refinishing.

Modern equipment and advanced techniques are combined with the expert knowledge of our staff of trained technicians. Their experience and reliability in all fields of house cleaning assure you of professional results, whatever the need. Even the removal of the toughest carpet stains and the salvaging of personal belongings after fire or water damage are part of their routine.

Note: Learn more about our service locations near Pacifica, California.

Call Carpet Cleaning Pacifica st 650-288-6000 or at (866) 615-8185 for an estimate and be assured of expert cleaning services for every room in your home.

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