Furniture Cleaning

There are many practical reasons to call San Francisco Carpet Cleaning - Furniture Cleaning department. One such reason is the fact that all furniture is tricky and problematic when it comes to cleaning.

Different furniture demands different types of cleaning methods, and the questions that arise seem endless:

  • should I use a dry or wet cloth?
  • Should I use a cloth or a sponge?
  • Do I vacuum the sofa or use a carpet broom?
  • What about wooden furniture?

How to clean and what to use when cleaning furniture is a very common dilemma.

San Francisco Furniture Cleaning

Protecting Your Furniture

To protect your furniture against improper treatment that may harm and damage it, it's a good idea to call for professional advice. San Francisco Carpet Cleaning is here to aid and assist you in every way possible.

Furniture can get sustain damage from a multitude of reasons, be it recent water damage, filthy air ducts and the common household spill and smear accident. We will gladly asses your problem and help you get the best furniture and upholstery cleaning which is affordable and right for you.

For additional cleaning services check out our cleaning services page, or call us at 415-234-0888 to receive your free estimate.

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