San Francisco Carpet Cleaning Technical Information

The expert services of San Francisco Carpet Cleaning, provided by professional technicians with the knowledge and experience, offer the most appropriate cleaning methods for your carpeting and area rugs.

In order to provide you with the best cleaning service fabrics are pre-tested and preventative measures are employed to ensure that no damage, shrinkage or color loss occurs.

Cleaning Methods

Our staff is trained to select from among a range of modern methods in order to provide the ideal solution for the professional cleaning of your carpets. The following is a just an example of some of the ways we use in utilizing our carpet cleaning technical information and technology:

  • Dry Steam and Hot-Water Treatments: for loosening and releasing dirt particles as the cleaning solvent is applied.
  • Shampoo Treatments: a gentle shampooing procedure for the removal of soil and stains.
  • Foam Cleansing: various types of foam cleansers applied to loosen the dirt, prior to deep vacuuming.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: the use of a special pad for cleaning delicate carpets and rugs as a preventative measure against shrinkage or color loss.
  • Absorbent Dry Compounds: for cleaning especially delicate fabrics and carpeting in order to prevent excess wetting, shrinkage or color loss.
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